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The Difficulty Of Purchasing ADA Seats

Purchasing ADA Seats

People with disabilities want to attend entertainment and sporting events just like everybody else. But to do so, they need venues to be accessible, they need to be able to gain accurate and reliable information regarding accessibility, and purchasing ADA seats need not be complicated. This, unfortunately, isn’t always the reality.

Many venues do provide accessibility features and genuinely make an effort to plan for patrons with disabilities. However, they fall short in providing relevant accessibility information. Often, venue websites provide accessibility information that is inconsistent, incorrect, difficult to locate or simply not there. Accessibility terminology used on venue websites varies, meaning disabled patrons have to hunt for accurate and useful information. Surprisingly, many venues do not indicate where accessible seats are located on their seating charts, therefore patrons with disabilities have to make unnecessary phone calls to venues that either are lengthy and unhelpful.

To easily attend a venue, people with disabilities need accessible information and transparency. From our experience, we’ve found it difficult to locate information regarding accessibility. Key information for people with disabilities includes: 1) where handicapped parking is located; 2) the most convenient routes to entrance gates; 3) where and if there are drop-off locations; 4) shuttle services and public transportation; 5) where accessible seats are located; 6) the location of accessible bathrooms, concessions stands, customer service attendants, and medical emergency personnel; 7) how to purchase an accessible seat and more.

Disabled Spectator intends to create a resource that provides accurate and reliable accessible information. People with disabilities deserve to be able to experience an entertainment and or sporting event just like people who are not disabled. While we recognize it’s an immense challenge, we believe it’s possible. Keep on eye out on our updates and give us feedback via the Contact box on the bottom right of this page.

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