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Disabled Spectator Partners With Ticketmaster

Partnership with Ticketmaster Creates New ADA Ticket Resource

Disabled Spectator is excited to announce a partnership with Ticketmaster. The affiliate partnership allows Disabled Spectator to sell ADA seat tickets via the Ticketmaster platform. This partnership is a big step forward towards Disabled Spectator’s goal of becoming the leading ADA seat ticket and venue accessibility resource for people with disabilities.

Ticketmaster is leading the online charge to improve the way ADA tickets and seats are made available to people with disabilities. This partnership allows Disabled Spectator’s customers access to Ticketmaster’s vast reach of ADA tickets. Additionally, customers will be able to utilize Disabled Spectator’s growing venue accessibility information reviews.

Disabled Spectator views this partnership as a major step in the right direction towards improving the way people with disabilities are able to purchase ADA seating tickets and enjoy live events.

Disabled Spectator was founded in 2014 by Kip Napier and Michael Saghi. We are a disabled veteran-owned company revolutionizing the way people with disabilities, and their family and friends connect and enjoy entertainment and sporting events at public venues. Disabled Spectator hopes to provide the nearly 56 million people with disabilities in the United States a comprehensive database for venue accessibility information and for ADA seating tickets.

To purchase tickets via Disabled Spectator, please click “Buy Tickets” on the top bar at For information about venue accessibility and the reviews we’ve completed, please click “Venues” on the website’s top bar as well.

In addition to creating a comprehensive resource for venue accessibility information and a reliable location to purchase ADA seating tickets, Disabled Spectator is cultivating a community of people with disabilities. That’s why we’d like to hear your stories!  Please send us your experiences at venues and events – even if you didn’t purchase tickets through us! Through sharing personal experiences, we are creating awareness and improving the way venues ensure accessibility at live events.

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