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Disabled Spectator is excited to announce the sale of tickets to concerts, sporting events, plays, and more. You can purchase tickets via Disabled Spectator’s website here. You can also purchase them by clicking the “Buy Tickets” tab above.

Purchasing tickets from Disabled Spectator’s website will help us achieve our goal of revolutionizing the way people with disabilities, their family, and friends, enjoy live entertainment. We ultimately want to create a comprehensive source detailing exact interactive accessibility information for stadiums and venues across the country. We also want to provide a reliable source for purchasing accessible seat tickets.

By purchasing tickets from Disabled Spectator, we will be able to maintain this website, survey venues, and slowly work towards our goal of becoming a comprehensive resource for venue accessibility.

This exciting news comes at the same time as our first stadium review. We recently surveyed and reviewed Dodger Stadium. We aggregated all the information we gathered and created a Q&A, providing as much accessibility information about Dodger Stadium that we could muster. You can view our Dodger Stadium review here or click on the “Venues” tab above and select “Dodger Stadium”.

In this stadium review, you’ll find information about shuttle availability, parking, accessible seating, restrooms, concession stands, and more. We’ve also included a map of the stadium to help you get a better feel for it before visiting. Of course, as with anything accessibility, this is a work in progress and we welcome all feedback or additional information.

We’re not stopping at just one stadium. We plan on creating a series of such reviews and next up is Staples Center.

Again, don’t forget to check out our Dodger Stadium Review and keep an eye out for what is to come next.

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