Q&A: Are there elevators at Dodger Stadium?

Thank you for reaching out to Disabled Spectator (www.disabledspectator.com) regarding an elevator at Dodger Stadium.

An elevator is available inside the stadium behind home plate.  For ease of access to it, parking close to the right gate will be important.  Best to park in Lot P.  Get there early.  All lots open 2 ½ hours before the start of the game, and it is best to arrive right when the lots open.

If Lot P is full, or if all the handicapped spaces are taken, park elsewhere and then call Fan Services @ 323.224.2611 for the shuttle/tram.  Starting an hour before game time, and on a first-come, first served basis, the shuttle will pick you up and deliver you to the correct gate.

A outside ramp is available for access to the gate entrance.

Hope the above information is helpful.  However, to confirm this support, recommend that you call the Dodger Hotline (323.224-2611) and speak with a Fan Services representative.

Best wishes,

Kip Napier
Disabled Spectator

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