Q&A: Hot line only works on game days?

I recently tore my ACL and am on crutches, I have tickets to the 4/28/19 game,  (7FS S 11&12)   I’m trying to figure out the  handicapped accessibility issues and your hot line only works on game days,  Who should I call during normal business hours to help understand the options?


Disabled Spectator’s Response

Thank you for reaching out to Disabled Spectator regarding accessible seats.

From our experience exchanging regular seat tickets for accessible seat tickets is a simple process.  On the day of the event, the venue box office will accommodate exchange your tickets for seats that meet your new needs.

In your specific case, parking close to the box office will be important.  Venues are required to offer handicapped parking that is closer to the entrance gates than general parking.  Many venues have shuttle services that will move you from your car to the box office area.  Additionally, a wheelchair can be requested to push you from the box office area to your seat.  Some, but not all, venues will allow you to keep the wheelchair during the event.

Regarding the type of accessible seating available at venues, spaces for a wheelchair are normally available as well as seats with rotating arms for ease of entry. Folding chairs are offered for companions of patrons with disabilities.

Hope the above information is helpful.  If more accessibility information is needed, please let us know the venue, and the day/time of the event that you purchased tickets before you tore your ACL.

Follow up Inquiry

Thanks for the prompt reply, I’m be going to the dodger game next Sunday 4/28/19.  And a wheelchair from the gate to the seat would be helpful, the seats are field level between 3rd base and home and about 6 rows down from walkway  section 7  row S seats 11 & 12.

What should the next steps be?  Thanks

Disabled Spectator’s Follow up Response

Here is the link for info about Dodger Stadium.



Helpful key sections follow.

  1. Dodger Stadium Parking

There are 16,000 parking spaces in the official lots surrounding Dodger Stadium. The parking spaces are divided between 30 separate parking lots, the inner circle of which is considered “preferred parking”, and the outer circle that makes up general parking lots. Preferred parking is more expensive, offered first to season ticket holders, and obviously more convenient. General parking is extremely affordable and can purchased for as low as $5 at drive-up, though closer general parking can be bought for $10. Visit the Dodgers website to purchase parking in advance and save money. View the map and table below for better insight into Dodgers parking.

  1. Disabled Parking Spaces Are Located in Parking Lots B, D, G, L, N, & P.

Parking cashiers and attendants will direct those with a valid state-issued disabled parking permit and/or license plate to these areas.

  1. ADA Shuttle

The Los Angeles Dodgers offer a courtesy ADA shuttle that is reserved for our guests with disabilities. This ADA shuttle operates from the various parking lots to the areas near the entry gates. In order to arrange for this service once you have parked, you may call the Dodger Hotline at (323) 224-2611 to have the shuttle dispatched to your location.

n.b.  I am a mobility impaired disabled fan and normally use a walker not a wheelchair. I have attended several games at Dodger Stadium and on each occasion found the surrounding hills to be a challenge.  On a home game day before April 29th, I recommend that you call the Dodgers Hotline (323.224.2611) to confirm the services that will be available to you.

Good luck and enjoy the game.

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