Q&A: Is every seat on this website accessible?


Thank you for this website. Thank you for your service to our country.

I just want clarification. Is every seat on this website accessible? I’m looking for seats at Dodger stadium. The choices give various rows which I do not recognize as rows for wheelchairs. Will you please clarify?

Disabled Spectator’s Response

Regret the confusion caused regarding purchasing accessible seats from the Disabled Spectator website.

Unfortunately, our current ticket source is unable to identify the specific section, row, and seats so that people with disabilities have the same choice to purchase an accessible seat as someone without a disability.  Many of the venues on our website identify sections with accessible seats with a small wheelchair symbol, many do not. They also don’t specify the exact row and seat.  Thus, people with disabilities must ‘hunt’ for a suitable seat.  We recognize this is not ideal.  It also falls short our goal of providing accessible seat tickets in the section and row desired and are effecting needed changes.

We are now partnered with Ticketmaster and are currently integrating their venue seating diagrams and ticketing system into our website.  Ticketmaster’s seating diagrams, together with current, focused, and relevant venue accessible information will allow people with disabilities to not only search for available accessible seats, but also prepare them for the challenges associated with attending a venue, i.e. parking, access, location of facilities, etc.

We are committed to helping people with disabilities so…Stay Tuned!

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Kerry Geiger
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