Service Fees

Service Fees – What Are They?

Service Fees Are Now A Common Practice In The Ticket Industry, But Why?

You may notice that every time you purchase a ticket, you are charged service fees. You see it when purchasing tickets to the theater, concerts, and sports events. It is a common practice throughout the ticket industry.

Sometimes, ticket sellers add the service fee at the end of the transaction. This means the fee is not included in the initial price, which is misleading. Other times, the service fee is included in the ticket price, meaning you may not realize you are already paying an additional fee. It’s a contentious practice that lacks transparency at times.

Disabled Spectator is committed to transparency. It is morally wrong to take advantage of people with disabilities and we will not contribute to the reprehensible and illegal act of price gouging. Part of our mission is to provide a fair, honest opportunity for people with disabilities to attend entertainment events. Price gouging and service fee transparency is part of that problem and we want no part of it.

Having said that, we do have to charge a reasonable service fee. For the sake of transparency, our service fees help us cover operating costs that allow us to maintain our website and provide excellent customer service. A percentage of every ticket transaction via Disabled Spectator will also be given to the Disabled Spectator Foundation. Our foundation is a charitable 501 C (3), nonprofit organization, which directly supports organizations that assist persons with disabilities.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding our service fee and the Disabled Spectator Foundation. You can contact us via Contact box at the bottom right of this page. We also welcome any feedback that you may have.

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